Material Intelligence: Obsidian

Material Intelligence, no. 5: Obsidian

Position: Contributing Editor

“Timeless energy is somehow captured in obsidian, and artifacts made from it.”

The fifth issue of Material Intelligence examines obsidian, a naturally-occuring glass formed upon the sudden cooling of liquid hot magma. We span the acient to the contemporaryr with a focus on indigenous epstemologies acrss the globe that map onto the ever-present movement of plate tectonics. Writers are Glenn Adamson, David M. Carballo, Thomas J. Connolly, Amanda Forment, Anita Grunder, Alejandro Pastrana, Monique Péan, and Joe Scott.

Editor: Glenn Adamson
Contributing Editor: Carolyn Herrera-Perez and Natalie Wright
Designer: Wynne Patterson
Published by The Chipstone Foundation
R. Ruthie Dibble
Jonathan Prown

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