“A seeker’s journey”

A seeker’s journey,” Crafts Magazine

George Nakashima: Woodworker (2020) | Documentary by John Nakashima

Reviewed by Carolyn Herrera-Perez

Beginning with a lingering sequence spanning the furrowed trunk of a single tree in the woods, George Nakashima: Woodworker immediately trains our eyes to appreciate its character as the American designer and architect would have done. Overlaid with the voice of the craftsman himself – who died in 1990 – it sets an intimate tone for a personal, two-hour documentary produced by his nephew, John Nakashima, and daughter, Mira Nakashima-Yarnall. Using archival footage, audio recordings and photographs, it takes us on a journey of discovery across three continents as we follow Nakashima on a quest to find his ‘reason for being’…

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