“UP 24/7” Object of the Day, Cooper Hewitt

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Jawbone UP Fitness Tracker Wristband, 2011; Designed by Yves Béhar and fuseproject; Manufactured by Jawbone (USA); tpu rubber, steel, electronic components; Cooper Hewitt, Gift of Yves Béhar and fuseproject; 2016-1-1

“With changes in digital technology occurring so rapidly, the discreet design of this wearable fitness tracker may well be forgotten in the coming years. In production from only 2011 to 2014, the Jawbone UP tracked the wearer’s steps, workouts, and sleep rhythms. An innovative product, it was the first fitness tracker styled to be worn on the wrist 24/7. The simple, rubber-covered coiled form of the slim flexible wristband and its later iterations remained unique: Jawbone’s wristband featured no screen. The tracked health data could only be visualized via a smartphone application. After the company wound down operations in 2017, the device’s online app platforms that were once available on Apple and Android smartphones ceased. Without these online features, this data tracker now has little function other than as a wearable accessory…”