Material Intelligence: Oak

Material Intelligence

Position: Contributing Editor

Issue 1: Oak

A cup with a lid in which a seed sits, waiting to explode: a nice way to look at an acorn. It captures the raw dramatic potential contained within this little thing, so easy to ignore, or to crunch underfoot in a forest. Pick one up instead, and consider the wonderment that it has to offer.”

The inaugural issue of Material Intelligence looks at oak from a multitude of perspectives: its use as a literary symbol, in making practices, and its lived experience as witness. With essays by Glenn Adamson, Egill Bjarnason, Stephen Burks, Hank Gilpin, Carolyn Herrera-Perez, Shanekia McIntosh, and Johanna Ngoh.

Editor: Glenn Adamson
Contributing Editor: Carolyn Herrera-Perez
Designer: Wynne Patterson
Published by The Chipstone Foundation
R. Ruthie Dibble
Jonathan Prown

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